How to join the SWHMC

Joining the SWHMC is easy! Members are required to manufacture hardwood lumber or hardwood products as a part of their business. If you fit this requirement, you are welcome to join the SWHMC!

Currently our annual dues are $400, which allows two passes to any club meetings unless it is a special meeting like our annual Joint Meeting in Sandestin, FL or our annual Christmas Meeting in New Orleans. These special events require a registration fee to cover the costs of planned meals and entertainment at these events.

Attendance is not required for any our meetings, however once you attend a meeting or two, you won’t want to miss any of them!  We have a round table discussion at all of our meetings where each attendee stands and shares comments about their operations and there market observations. The SWHMC is a great place to find common ground with other manufacturers of hardwood and hardwood products!

We would like to have you join us, just fill out the enrollment form and submit it! We will contact you and get you started as a member of the SWHMC!


11352 ceiba grande
fairhope, al 36532
(251) 210-1241


I / We hereby apply for membership in the Southwestern Hardwood Manufacturers Club.

I promise to abide by The Clubs rules and By-laws and not discuss prices of Hardwood Lumber before, during or after a meeting.

The Annual Membership dues are $400. Our contact information is as follows:

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Company Billing Address
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